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  1. Cryptography, Cryptanalysis & Related
    1. Cryptography: A Threat to National Security??
    2. My Current GPG Public Key
    3. PGP using Pine Filters
    4. Public Key Crypto & PGP

  2. Firearms & The Second Amendment
    1. 40 Reasons to Support Gun Control
    2. Basic Human Right in 4 Lines of PERL
    3. Doctors & Guns: Which Are More Dangerous?
    4. Firearms Refresher Course 101
    5. Firearms and Responsibility: A Common-Sense View
    6. If the Politically Correct were Pro-Second Amendment
    7. Football Kills as Many Students as School Shootings
    8. Gun News You Never See
    9. My Personal Homeland Defense Initiative
    10. On Guns Control, Gun Rights & The 2nd Amendment
    11. Some Rights Are More Equal Than Others?
    12. The Gun Control Mindset in a Nutshell
    13. The Harm in Being Harmless
    14. The Parable of the Sheep
    15. Why Criminals Prefer Gun Control

  3. HTML & Web-Related Information
    1. Extended Character Set for HTML
    2. Extended Symbols (Greek/Math/Astronomy) for HTML
    3. Hexadecimal - ASCII - Binary Conversion Chart
    4. Loadmon: Web Server Graphical Load Indicator

  4. Information Security & Related
    1. FBI Alienates Industry Security Experts
    2. The Hack FAQ
    3. How the DoD Retires Classified CDs
    4. How to Detect Counterfeit Money
    5. Linux Workstation on an eMachines eTower 600is
    6. The Myth of Cyber-Terrorism
    7. Newbie's Guide to Qmail
    8. Secure Deletion from Magnetic & Solid-State Memory
    9. Why You Should Digitally Sign Everything

  5. Networking & Related
    1. IP Address Obfuscator & Clarifier
    2. Network Configuration Calculator
    3. Port Lookup Utility
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