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  1. Auditing (Code, Host, Network & Password Audit Tools)
    Utilities for checking and verifying security measures
    1. Cerberus Internet Scanner (WinNT/Win2K scanner)
    2. BSD Airtools (Wireless Network Auditing)
    3. Check for Rootkit (chkrootkit.org)
    4. Core-SDI Remote Auditing Utility
    5. Crack (Password auditor)
    6. Default Logins for Networked Devices
    7. Fenris (Simplifies auditing & forensic work)
    8. FTester: Firewall & IDS Tester
    9. Fragroute (by Dug Song)
    10. Incident-Response.Org (Static binaries for auditing)
    11. John The Ripper (Password auditing)
    12. ITS4 Software Auditing Tool
    13. MacAnalysis Site (Macintosh Auditing)
    14. Nessus (Robust network scanner)
    15. Netcat (Feature-rich network debugging & exploration tool)
    16. Network Configuration Calculator
    17. Portable Linux Auditing CD Project
    18. Rough Auditing Tool for Security (RATS) Code Auditor
    19. SAINT (Enhanced version of SATAN)
    20. Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN)
    21. Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA)
    22. Simplemon (Monitors processes and free disk space)
    23. Tiger Analytical Research Assistant (TARA)
    24. TCP Wrappers (TCP service access control)
    25. Whisker Utility (Web/CGI auditing)
    26. LSOF (Lists open files & processes)
  2. Intrusion Detection & Forensics
    Host- and network-based systems for monitoring attacks and unauthorized system modifications
    1. Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE)
    2. Advanced Reference Archive of Current Heuristics for Network IDS (ArachNIDS)
    3. File System Saint (FSS)
    4. FTimes  (Baselining & evidence collection)
    5. HoneyNet Project (IDS/Forensics data)
    6. Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS)
    7. Nagios (Network/system monitoring app; formerly NetSaint.)
    8. NIDSbench (TCPrelay and Fragrouter)
    9. PortSentry (Portscan detector)
    10. Samhain File System Integrity Checker
    11. Scanlogd (Portscan detection)
    12. Snort (Realtime traffic analysis & logging)
    13. Snort IDScenter (Win32 Interface)
    14. The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT)
    15. TCTUTILs (Forensics toolkit suite for TCT)
    16. Tripwire (MD5sum-based file modification monitor)
    17. WebJob (Remote diagnostics, incident response & evidence collection)
  3. Logging
    Utilities for enhancing and verifying system logs
    1. FWanalog (Summarizes IPF & IPtables firewall logs)
    2. FWlogsum (Summarizes Checkpoint FW1 logs)
    3. FWlogwatch (Summarizes firewall & IDS logs)
    4. KLogger (WinNT/Win2K keystroke logger)
    5. Linux Event Logger (For Enterprise-Class Systems)
    6. Lmon (PERL-based real time log monitoring solution)
    7. LogSentry (Monitors logs for security violations)
    8. Logsurfer (Monitors logs in realtime)
    9. PIdentd (Provides UserID with TCP connects)
    10. Swatch (Monitors syslog messages)
    11. Secure Remote Syslogger (Encrypted streaming syslog)
    12. SnortSnarf (HTMLized Snort Log Reviewer)
    13. Syslog-NG (Replacement for standard syslog facility)
    14. Syslog.Org (Vast info on syslogging)
    15. Throughput Monitor (An event counter per timeframe log analyzer)
    16. WinZapper (WinNT/Win2K log modifier)

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