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Past 30 Tips of the Day

  1. Got an unauthorized system on your network and need to track down where it's physically located?
    See the Tracking Down the Phantom Host article
  2. Isn't it time you gave your SQL server a serious security review?
    See the Advanced SQL Injection in SQL Server Applications paper (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  3. Want all your systems to send their syslog data to a centralized logging host?
    See the Setting Up a Linux Logserver article
  4. Need to set up IPtables quickly without a lot of fuss?
    See the Quicktables Utility
  5. Need an open source enterprise-wide single-signon authentication system?
    See the Pubcookie
  6. Ever wish your Windows system had a syslog-like capability?
    See the Syslog Clients for Windows
  7. Have you told your sysadmins how much you appreciate them?  Well?  Have you??
    See the BOFH Archives
  8. Need to secure your mailing list traffic so only members can read the discussions?
    See the GPG-EZMLM Encrypted Mailing List Utility
  9. Looking for a way to filter and drop unwanted ARP requests?
    See the NoARP Kernel Module
  10. Want a firewall for your Solaris or *BSD system, but can't afford to buy another box?
    See the IPfilter How-To
  11. Need to balance the needs of security with the wants of instant-messaging users?
    See the Securing Instant Messaging paper (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  12. Think that nobody's aware of the patches you haven't applied?  Think again.
    See the "Security Holes...Who Cares?" paper (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  13. Tired of others screwing up your security policies and procedures?
    See the Peon's Guide to Secure System Development
  14. New to using the NMAP tool and need some guidance?
    See the Host Discovery with NMAP paper (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  15. Need to apply patches to your systems, but don't want to suffer needless downtime?
    See the Timing the Application of Security Patches for Optimal Uptime paper (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  16. Trying to make sense out of IPtables rulesets for your standalone Linux-based firewall?
    See the Shoreline Firewall Site
  17. Need to evaluate if IDS is right for your security needs?
    See the Role of Intrusion Detection Systems (Requires Acrobat Reader)
  18. Think your pager traffic is secure from prying eyes?  Think again.
    See the POC32 Utility
  19. Need to determine when and why files are being accessed on your Windows system?
    See the Filemon Utility
  20. Need to survey your network for open NetBIOS services?
    See the NBTscan Utility
  21. Looking for a tool that monitors ethernet activity and keeps a database of ethernet/ip address pairings and reports its findings via email?
    See the ARPwatch Utility
  22. Need a freeware solution to audit your critical Windows systems?
    See the NT Intrusion Detection Audit (NTIDA)
  23. Computers rarely do what you want them to do, but they will do what you tell them to do.
    See the Intro to Executing Arbitrary Code
  24. Looking to secure Linux on both the kernel and user level?
    See the Medusa DS9 Project
  25. Interested in analyzing keyrings in the OpenPGP format?
    See the KeyAnalyze Page
  26. Looking to teach yourself the art of insecure program exploitation?
    See the Insecure Programming Page
  27. Needan OS with firewall/NAT capabilities that fits on a floppy?
    See the Wall Project
  28. You've locked down your Unix and Windows systems, but what about your MacOS systems?
    See the Mac Security Guide
  29. Running Qmail and want to stem the tide of incoming spam, trojans and viruses?
    See the Blackhole for Qmail
  30. Need current information on the latest viruses and trojans?
    See the VirusList Alerts

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