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  1. The Myth of Cyber-Terrorism
    (Keynote Presentation at ToorCon 2002.)
  2. Public Key Cryptography and PGP
    An overview of the basics of public key cryptosystems and one of the popular public key apps.
  3. Why Security Policies Fail
  4. Why Security Through Obscurity Isn't
    (Originally presented at ToorCon 2001.)

Technical Papers

  1. Crypto & Security Tutorial (Peter Gutmann)
    Great introduction to anyone wanting to learn more on how security and cryptography complement each other.
  2. Introduction to Buffer Overflows
    Good starting point for anyone who wants to understand the nature, cause, exploitation and prevention of buffer overflows.
    1. Intro to Executing Arbitrary Code
    2. HackersClub Library of Information
    3. Writing Buffer Overflows
  3. Newbie's Guide to Qmail
    (Originally published at SecurityFocus' Guest Feature.)
  4. Secure Programming for Linux and Unix How-To
    Tips on the dos and don'ts of programming with security in mind.
    (See also: Secure Unix Programming FAQ)

  5. Security Policy Tutorials
    Good starting point for anyone who seeking to develop and refine security policies.
    1. How to Develop a Network Security Policy
    2. How to Develop a Security Baseline Standard
    3. Introduction to Security Policies
    4. Model Security Policies
    5. Risk Assessment Stragey
    6. Security Policy Information
    7. Site Security Handbook (RFC 2196)
    8. Sun Tzu and the Art of (Cyber)War
  6. Security and Apache Primer
    A good starting point for anyone who wants to run a secure web server.
  7. Spam-L FAQ
    Tactics and techniques on how to overcome the scourge of Spam.
  8. TechTutorials.Com
    A comprehensive collection of tutorials and tools.
  9. UNIX Tutorials List at Examware
    Online tutorials on most every aspect of Unix.
  10. Virtual Private Network (VPN) HowTo
    Comprehensive overview of setting up VPN with Linux.
  11. WinPlanet Windows Security Tutorial
    Primer for those who want to run Windows securely.
    (See also: Windows Security Chapter at Microsoft)

Writers welcomed! If you have a technical paper or article pertaining to security tools and practices, please submit it.

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