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  1. Intrusion Detection Systems
    Comparative analyses of Intrusion Detection Systems.
    1. COAST Intrusion Detection Hotlist
    2. Intrusion Detection List of Michael Sobirey
  2. Intrusion Detection FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions about Intrusion Detection Systems.
    1. Network Intrusion Detection Systems FAQ
    2. PacketNexus IDS FAQ
    3. SANS Intrusion Detection FAQ
  3. Intrusion Detection Terminology (A-H)
    A compendium of IDS-related terms and concepts.
  4. Readings in Intrusion Detection
    A substantial list of IDS-related readings.
  5. The Role of Intrusion Detection Systems
    For those who aren't sure if an IDS is necessary for their security needs.

Technical Papers

  1. Denial-of-Service Resistant IDS Architecture
    How to construct an intrusion detection framework capable of mitigating an all-out attack.
  2. Hacker Tools and Their Signatures [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]
    A comprehensive series on the core data on which intrusion detection systems (IDS) are built.
  3. How to Make a Sniffing UTP Cable Page
    A means of cloaking an IDS against detection.
  4. Internet Security Auditing Handouts
    From the security class by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema.
  5. IS Auditing Guidelines
    Overview of procedures for those new to auditing IT infrastructures.
  6. LinuxSecurity Intrusion Detection Primer
    A primer for those seeking to ramp up on Intrusion Detection.
  7. NIST Guideline on Network Security Auditing
    General primer for those new to security auditing.
  8. NIST IDS Overview
    A comprehensive overview of Intrusion Detection Systems and related technologies.
  9. One-Way CAT5 Cable for IDS Deployments
    One sure-fire way to make one's IDS invisible to outsiders.
  10. Snort Installation and Basic Usage page
    A good starting point for those new to Snort and IDS.

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